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Xtra Chair Range - seating for larger and taller users

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What is an Xtra Range Office Chair?

The Xtra range is the natural extension of the Posture Plus range for larger builds and taller users.

The Posture Plus range has two levels of support. The Operator chairs in the range support users up to 120Kg (18 stone) and the larger Task chairs support up to 150Kg (23.5 stone). The Xtra range construction is designed with heavier duty components making the chairs suitable for larger users up to190Kg (30 stone).

Xtra has a common styling with the Premier Plus range of contract chairs so they fit in seamlessly in an office environment.

This Xtra range also includes a range of metal and wood framed visitor or meeting style chairs suitable for larger builds.

How do Xtra range office chairs cater for postural issues?

The workplace is designed around the average person, with desks and equipment at a standard height. For larger and taller builds this can present additional postural challenges. Getting the right chair for the right task is therefore essential.

Waldron's Xtra office chairs take this into account and incorporate many postural features as standard. The Xtra range is designed for maximum adjustabliity. To ensure the best fit, all chairs include, a robust two way mechanical lumbar adjustment, a fully  adjustable back and seat which can be locked in any position. The seat can be adjusted for set depth and there are options for larger or smaller seats. To ensure comfort all chairs have a memory foam topper in both the seat and the back, to reduce pressure points and provide comfort and support throughout the working day.

As with all our postural chairs smaller and larger seat sizes and a coccyx cut-out are available.

How do I know which chair is right for me?

Our 'Try before you buy' service, included with every Xtra chair, provides you with the reassurance and confidence that the chair selected is comfortable and supportive for your individual needs. This inclusive service includes:

  • a one-to-one chair assessment, where our experienced assessor will visit your workplace, to observe, listen and discuss your needs;
  • the fitting of a suitable Xtra range sample chair;
    trial of sample chair, at your place of work, for one week, so that you can be sure it is the right chair for you

We are so confident that our chairs will provide the comfort and support needed that we offer the service free of charge  with no obligation to purchase if the chair is not suitable.

Maxi Range extra large office chairs

Which styles of extra large office seating are available?

The Xtra range consists of task and executive chairs which can be fitted with an articulated headrest to provide additional height or support. In addition, visitor and waiting chairs for the larger person can be supplied in a wide range of fabric and vinyl.

What can I expect from an Xtra Range Chair?

  • Ergonomically designed

    Specifically created for taller and larger users. Designed to blend in with the rest of the office seating whilst providing appropriate support to the user.

  • Up to 30 stone

    Developed for users up to 30 stone (190kg) in offices or waiting areas.

  • Heavy duty construction

    Constructed from heavy duty components and made to last

  • Extensive fabric choice

    Upholstered in fabric, vinyl and leather in your choice of colour.

  • Tested by FIRA

    Tested by FIRA to severe and intense contract use.

  • Made to order in the UK

    Made to order by UK manufacturers 

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