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Fabric: Antibacterial & anti-microbial contract vinyl

Healthcare -Chair Repair and Examination Couch Refurbishment 

Hygiene is paramount in Healthcare working environments. With a  constant flow of patients, visitors and staff the ability to maintain cleaning and hygiene standards to reduce cross-infection has never been more important.

'All Parts of the seating/examination couch should be visibly clean with no blood or body substances, dust, dirt, debris, adhesive tape, stains or spillages'.

The National specifications for cleanliness in the NHS

In busy working environments wear and tear is inevitable with even minor damage making the item non-compliant.

Even visibly clean woven fabrics can hide dirt, debris and allow fluids to soak through to the padding making them impossible to keep clean and therefore non-compliant.

Realistically it is not viable to replace seating with new every time it gets dirty or some minor damage. This is especially true with expensive specialist medical equipment such as treatment couches, bariatric chairs, phlebotomy chairs and recliners.

There is an alternative which is both financially viable and environmentally sustainable. Waldron Seating Services can recover and repair your upholstered items making them compliant again at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Healthcare chair repairs then become part of the solution and not the problem.

Waldron Seating Services use the same approved industry standard healthcare vinyls and fabrics the original manufacturer uses.

We have selected healthcare vinyl and fabrics suitable for different risk areas. Even our standard vinyl is not only hardwearing, fluid resistant and stain resistant, but it has an antibacterial/antimicrobial treatment infused into its construction which does not deplete or leach away with cleaning or use.



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A few of our completed projects for healthcare organisations...


Patient rest room armchairs in a hospital.

Recovered with Panaz Cadet Colours healthcare vinyl to match the look and feel of existing chairs, whilst also improving infection control.


Examination couches and plinths regularly get rips or damage to the vinyl cover, making them non-compliant.

Waldron recovered only the damaged sections of this one in Panaz Aston vinyl.

Aston is a very durable, scuff resistant vinyl used extensively in healthcare work environments.


Waiting room bench seating in a health centre. Recovered in Chieftain Just Colour vinyl in a bright, fresh, new colour.

Chieftain is an industry standard, easy clean vinyl with inherent antibacterial and anti-microbial properties.


Recovered in a high visibility shade from the Panaz contract vinyl range for use in a hospital Eye Clinic.

Panaz vinyl comes in a wide range of colours from the muted to the frankly outrageous.

They are soft to touch and have an antibacterial/antimicrobial treatment that does not deplete or leach away with use or cleaning.


Replacing the fabric rather than purchasing new expensive presure sensitive recliner chairs made perfect sense to this hospice.

We used specialist pressure sensitive stretch vinyl and memory foam in contact areas with matching hard wearing vinyl on non contact areas for durability.

Bedside seating

These nursing home chairs were upgraded with compliant new easy clean, non-porous fabric.  They were given a  contemporary look with contrasting piping.

The chairs now take pride of place in residents rooms.

The Agua performance fabric  used is breathable, fluid resistant, stain resistant and antibacterial/antimicrobial easy clean fabrics and costs no more than vinyl.

Sector specific upholstery vinyl

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