Humanscale Freedom Repairs pays to renovate!

Humanscale Freedom Chair

Humanscale Fredom Exec 639x1024 1
Back shell

New outer back hard shell

Inner foam

New moulded back foam 

Fabric recover

Fabric recover in choice of fabrics

Seat shell

New seat hard shell

Seat foam

New moulded seat foam

Arm pad support

New arm cup support

Arm ratchet

New ratchet arm kit


New arm pads

Gas piston

Seat height gas piston




New Hand Grip


New headrest assembly

The Humanscale Freedom chair's elegant minimalist design by Niels Diffrient hides the sophistication of its construction. With minimal levers nearly all adjustments are integrated into each component.

Every component forms part of the structure of the chair, so when one part breaks it affects the structural integrity of the whole chair. Despite this, their components are independently replaceable allowing you to use, maintain and reuse your Humanscale Freedom chair for many years.

The chair is incredibly robust with a long warranty but even with the most durable chair gets worn and torn with age and use.

Humanscale's stated commitment to the environment leads them to strive for a positive impact on the environment and on the users of their chairs, both physically and emotionally. Today Freedom chairs are manufactured as 91% recyclable.

Supporting the Circular Economy with your seating

Use, refurbish and maintain, reuse, repeat!

Organisations striving for sustainability consider repairing and reusing their seating as imperative.

Humanscale Freedom Chairs for repair
Humanscale Freedom Chairs for repair

We hold stocks, and have priviledged access to, many popular manufacturer's original new components from manufacturers including, Albion, Boss, Eames, Flokk, Giroflex, HAG, Herman Miller, Humanscale, Interstuhl, Kab, Knoll, Orangebox, Pledge, Race, RH, Senator, Steelcase, Supporto, Techo, Verco and Vitra and many more.

What else do we do?

As well as replacing components we recover and clean seating to restore it and return it to use.

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