What Types of Office Chairs Can Be Reupholstered?

It should go without saying that providing employees with the right levels of functionality and comfort throughout their working day will help them to produce great work. Time catches up with everything though – eventually, the components and comforts of even the highest quality of seating will diminish and ultimately break down, requiring them to be replaced. But why buy new, when you can reupholster an office chair instead?

Why Should I Choose A Reupholster Office Chair Service?

Did you know that most of the furniture we throw away can be recovered? The sheer cost of introducing an entirely new furniture set-up can be dwarfed by the costs of having your items reupholstered and repaired – costs that would be better spent elsewhere in the business.

But I have different types of office chairs – they all can’t be reupholstered, can they?  On the contrary, virtually every type of chair in the office can be repaired, restored or reimagined. Here are just some of the more common ones...

Different Types of Office Chairs That Can Be Reupholstered

  • Ergonomic chairs – The term ‘Ergonomic’ comes from the Ancient Greek word ‘Ergon’ which means ‘[to] work’. The basic philosophy behind any item that is ergonomic is that it should work to the requirements of the person who is using it – rather than the person having to ergon themselves around the requirements of the item. Therefore, an office chair that is ergonomic can be adjusted to fully support the unique needs of different individuals; creating a sitting experience that is ideal for the user. Some adjustments that can be made with ergonomic chairs include seat depth, seat height, back height, knee tilt and lumbar support. With so many functions to juggle, these types of chairs can often break down, but don’t throw them away though – reupholster an office chair
  • Tablet arm chairs – Named so because they have a writing surface attached to one of the arms for easy access, tablet arm chairs are handy (sorry) to have for anyone who needs to constantly take notes in meetings. The writing surface may be fixed to the arm or may have a swivelling feature; either way, it is just as liable to break down as easily as any other type of office chair.
  • Reception area seating – The need to impress clients shouldn’t just be restricted to the meeting room. First impressions are an obvious key aspect to get right – as a client’s first physical point-of-contact with the business, the reception area will need to look and feel impressive, summing up the brand and philosophies of the business. The seating plays an obvious role in this – common items include single person chairs (often called ‘guest’ or ‘side chairs’) and are typically stationary, with their four-leg, sled or cantilever bases. A reupholster office chair service can help to bring them back to their impressive best.

Need To Improve The Effectiveness of Your Office Seating? Get In Touch With Waldron Furniture

If you’re looking at a reupholster office chair service to help your business to repair, restore or reimagine your furniture infrastructure, the dedicated team here at Waldron are able to provide a high-quality refurbishment and reuse service for all types of furniture used in commercial buildings.

We have cultivated an industry-leading expertise based on our client-focused approach to our service. This is typified by our completely FREE consultation that assesses and understands the works that needs to be done before we calculate and present you with the quote. This will give you the opportunity to think about making such an investment before you commit to anything.

If you would like to learn more about our reupholster office chair service, our friendly client support team are on hand to help. Give them a call on 0118 945 5500 or alternatively, you can send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I am sitting proudly on my newly covered sofa. It looks very smart.
C.B. from M. Medical Centre
"....... we are having a Channel 4 documentary made on Premier and we needed to be spruced up Waldron's came up trump! We needed our three piece sofas and chairs recovered within a week! We now have the most beautiful suit recoved looking brand new and we are delighted with the results. Waldron's always do a superb quality job on all our refurbishments and never let us down."
Nuffield Foundation
We have been very impressed with your service. Both the quality of the workmanship and your coutesy has made it a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you for a beautifully refurbished chair Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 ......... I am writing to confirm just how pleased we have been with the work you have done for us recently. The recovered chairs, apart from now being exactly the colour we wanted, look as good as new and have made the surgery look the way we want it to look. Many, many thanks - we will be recommending you whenever the opportunity arises.
Premier Model Management
The chairs are fantastic Thanks so much. The 2 chairs you reupholstered look fantastic. I thought they were two new ones they look so good. In fact our receptionist liked them so much she’s grabbed one immediately and swapped it.
A.W. London SW11
Just a quick line to ask you to pass on our compliments to those involved in the recent recovering of chairs, and re-webbing, new cushions, etc. The service throughout was excellent – including the collection and delivery – and there have been lots of positive, admiring comments from staff, pupils and parents. If you have potential customers requesting testimonials, please don’t hesitate to ask them to contact me. With many thanks,
Kantar Media
We saved over £500,000 refurbishing our office chairs with Waldron’s rather than purchasing new.......

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