Whilst at work, the essential feeling we should be experiencing is comfort. Being comfortable allows us to quickly settle into our environment, preparing us for the day ahead, readying us to unleash our skills and abilities on the work we need to do. So when we sit somewhere that isn’t comfortable, it can be tough to express our abilities in a natural way.

With the cost of establishing a completely new furniture set-up being extremely expensive (not to mention being needless, in many cases) office chair repair is perfect to balance the fine line between need and cost. If you consider that comfort may often be the difference in employees being able to produce great work for the business, then improving the qualities of the furniture will make for a wise investment.

The Right Time For Office Chair Repair

If you’re thinking about improving the qualities of your own furniture set-up, how do you know when the time is right for office chair repair? You obviously don’t want to spend money on something that isn’t needed, nor do you want to leave it too late, running the risk of broken down furniture severely affecting the comfort and capabilities of your employees.

Here is some advice on knowing when the perfect time is to repair your furniture:

  • If any seats are too small, large, or narrow to provide enough support to the lower part of the body.
  • The edge of the seat is not rounded or padded to provide adequate support to the knees.
  • If any chairs tip over when the user leans sidewards or forwards – or rolls away when used on a floor sans carpet.
  • Any seats have mechanisms that are broken.
  • If the seat is extremely high so the user’s feet hardly touch the floor, with no option to adjust the height of the chair.
  • The armrests are not positioned correctly so they interfere with the desk in front of them.
  • If any chairs, that are set on mats, roll away and don’t stay in the same position when the user stands up or sits down.
  • Any chairs that may reach the edge of any mat they’re placed on and then tip.

Any of these problems may become common issues if any of your office chairs are not appropriate for the needs of your employees or simply need repairing. If you’ve noticed any of these issues and/or are looking to give your furniture a new lease of life with office chair repair, the experts here at Waldron will be happy to help.

Choose Waldron Furniture For Your Office Chair Repair

A major part of our industry-leading service is our completely FREE no-obligation consultancy that takes into account the number of items you wish to have repaired, the nature of the work that needs to be carried out before offering you a price. This provides you with the opportunity to weigh up your options before coming to a decision that suits you – we don’t do ‘over-bearing sales speak’, just honest, expert advice.

If you would like to learn more about our office chair repair service, then please feel free to get in touch with us today. You can call us on 0118 9455 500 or you can send any e-mail enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The furniture set-up should be the pride of any business or public building; they evoke a style that sums up their owner, they create a welcoming, inviting feeling and they provide some much-needed comfort and support. Like everything though, even the best furniture will degrade over time, requiring them to be replaced by newer items.

Often though, furniture that has broken down does not have to be replaced. By hiring a reupholster chair repair service, you will prolong the life of items, saving classic, timeless pieces – and much in the way of cost too.

Why Choose To Reupholster Chair Repair?

Here are some reasons to think about reupholster chair repair:

  • A Change of Style – Over the years, people’s styles and tastes will change. It could involve new colour preferences, patterns or the design. These aren’t convincing reasons for you to throw away your existing items – especially when you can reupholster them with materials better suited to whatever requirements you may have.
  • Restoring and Redesigning – You may already be aware that your furniture, despite the shabby shape of the fabric, is in a great structural condition. Older types of furniture especially, are able to last longer than many of the latest mass-produced items – so why throw away when you can get many more years out of it?
  • Sentimentality – Over time, certain items of furniture may become favourites for many people. Maybe they are items that have been part of the building for many years; they remind users of something, perhaps they’ve even been passed down the generations. Reupholster chair repair can help to preserve these memories and feelings, even creating new sentiments as time goes on.
  • The Environment – Whilst all types of furniture will have a vast number of parts that can be recycled, there will always be materials that cannot be reused, so they’ll be placed into landfill. Due to their role in producing methane and carbon dioxide, the amount of landfill that is processed is a huge issue. By reimagining your furniture, you’ll be keeping the vast majority of its materials, cutting down on landfill and helping the environment to prosper.
  • Value For Money – Believe it or not, the vast majority of broken down furniture items that are thrown away can actually be repaired and reused. Not only will this help to save classic items that people have grown attached to, as well as vastly reduce landfill – repair will also cost much less than replacing items with new ones.

So those are just a few reasons why you should consider a reupholster chair repair service – if you’re interested in seeing any of your chairs or seating repaired or reimagined, why not get in touch with the best service around?

Waldron – Premier Furniture Reupholsters In London and The South East

No matter your requirements, the team here at Waldron are able to provide a high-quality refurbishment and reuse service for all types of furniture for use in any business premises or public building. Our industry-leading expertise has been cultivated thanks to our dedicated approach to innovation, as well as our client-focused service – we take the time to assess, understand and calculate the works that need to be done before presenting the price. This completely FREE consultation will give you the time to think about making the investment, before spending anything.

If you would like to learn more about our reupholster chair repair service, then please feel free to get in touch with us directly today on 0118 9455 500. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail enquiry to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you run your own medical facility, have you considered the benefits that healthcare chair repair can have for your visitors?

When designing hospitals, clinics and medical offices, much of the focus is placed on the areas in which the work takes place. Whilst this is obviously important to ensure that tasks are completed without complications or impediments, it does mean that other areas of the building may be overlooked – such as the waiting room.

The waiting room should be able to provide a welcoming atmosphere for visitors to relax in – especially considering they’re waiting to see a medical professional.  Therefore, the comfort of the furniture (as well as the design of the interiors) is important to get right – do this and their first impression will be a positive one, helping them to relax for their appointment.

How Can Healthcare Chair Repair Help?

Most of us have been there; the nervous waiting for our doctor’s/clinical/dental appointment, our thoughts wondering towards what we may experience once we’re there. Dependent on the type of appointment we may be attending, it could be the case that we’ll actually spend more time in the waiting room than we would do, undergoing our actual appointment. Therefore, it makes sense that any decent facility should have a decent waiting room for their patients – healthcare chair repair can help with this.

For operators of medical facilities, achieving a decent waiting room facility isn’t (and shouldn’t) be as expensive as it may sound – using attractive colours with the interiors, an easy-to-traverse layout and updating displayed information (and the magazines– this is vital, honestly) are often all that’s needed. Then there are the chairs, of course – the need for them to be comfortable and in great working condition is obvious but you do not need to replace them for a huge cost.

A chair repair service is able to take any broken down or aged items and restore them to their former glory – reupholstering them to replace frayed materials or even bestow a brand-new colour scheme and pattern (to match/accent the new colour of the interiors!) Often, people throw away items that can be repaired, at a huge cost to them (and the environment in the way of landfill). Why waste money that can be better spent elsewhere?

It’s always worthy to note that visitors who are welcomed into an open, vibrant, comfortable area are more likely to feel that they had a higher quality of care. Remember that the experience of their appointment does not begin with their meeting the medical professional – it begins as soon as they enter the door to the building and book in.

So if you do indeed run any type of medical facility, consider choosing healthcare chair repair to refresh your waiting room and to provide your visitors with a great impression of your service.

Choose Waldron For Clinical Furniture Restoration

Here at Waldron Furniture, we are vastly-experienced upholsters who regularly carry out the repair and restoration of chairs and seating in medical facilities across London and the South East of England.

Aside from our skilled work, another reason why we have cultivated an industry-leading reputation in the area is due to our approach to customer service – our FREE quotation weighs up what works need to be done before we present you with the price. This will give you the time to think about using our healthcare chair repair service before you commit to anything.

Why not get in touch with us to learn more? Give us a call on 0118 9455 500 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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"............before "finding" Waldron, I had received some very negative responses from several other upholstery firms.......... ..........from the time Waldron was recommended to me I received helpful, sympathetic and effective advice, from my initial enquiry, with no "pushy" sales pressure at any time.......... Given the complex work involved, and choice of strong material, and the high quality of personal service I thought your charges were extremely reasonable. Certainly infinitely cheaper than having to completely replace an essential chair. I was delighted with the work done. The upholstery looks to have been done to a very high standard, on what as I have mentioned was quite a challenging chair to work on. The fabric looks superb, and in fact the chair looks better than it did before I am so pleased that I have found Waldrons and will not hesitate to recommend your Company to anyone i have contact with who might be seeking a similar service."
Frenchay Hospital
We saved over £500,000 refurbishing our office chairs with Waldron’s rather than purchasing new.......
Just a quick line to ask you to pass on our compliments to those involved in the recent recovering of chairs, and re-webbing, new cushions, etc. The service throughout was excellent – including the collection and delivery – and there have been lots of positive, admiring comments from staff, pupils and parents. If you have potential customers requesting testimonials, please don’t hesitate to ask them to contact me. With many thanks,
Kantar Media
I am sitting proudly on my newly covered sofa. It looks very smart.
C.B. from M. Medical Centre
"....... we are having a Channel 4 documentary made on Premier and we needed to be spruced up Waldron's came up trump! We needed our three piece sofas and chairs recovered within a week! We now have the most beautiful suit recoved looking brand new and we are delighted with the results. Waldron's always do a superb quality job on all our refurbishments and never let us down."
Nuffield Foundation
We have been very impressed with your service. Both the quality of the workmanship and your coutesy has made it a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you for a beautifully refurbished chair Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 ......... I am writing to confirm just how pleased we have been with the work you have done for us recently. The recovered chairs, apart from now being exactly the colour we wanted, look as good as new and have made the surgery look the way we want it to look. Many, many thanks - we will be recommending you whenever the opportunity arises.
Premier Model Management

Location: Waldron's is ideally located in Reading and have excellent access to the South of England, Central and Greater London. We provide a regular service from Central and Greater London across to Bristol, Wiltshire, Oxford, Luton and Stevenage. Hampshire to Southampton and Portsmouth, Berkshire, Surrey and West Sussex to Horsham and across to Kent. One customer has even shipped to us chairs from France to refurbish.