The comfort and functionalities of office chairs can never be overlooked.  An employee will use one for an average of seven hours a day, so the impact that seating can have on their physical health will severely affect the work they produce.

If the chair they use places them at ease and supports their back and neck, it will make for a comfortable in-work existence – this means fewer distractions and more concentration placed on the work they’re doing.

This doesn’t mean that a business should immediately throw away items that are worn or broken. They can recover an office chair, saving them much time, worry and money in buying new ones.

Why Recover An Office Chair?

Did you know that the majority of office seating that is deemed ‘unusable’ can actually be recovered, restored and reused? Aside from the cost aspect, it’s also important to understand the needs of the employee – the likelihood is that they have grown used to the functions of the existing furniture, so why replace something that, aside from wear and tear issues, has been serving the business well?

Recovering an office chair will also help if say, the business is in the middle of a rebrand and the current set-up doesn’t lend itself well to the design of the interiors. Instead of replacing the entire stock with new items, doesn’t it make more sense to rebrand the chairs as well? After all, with their effects on how the employees are able to work, they are an intrinsic part of the business too.

So with costs, comfort and branding being key parts of why a business should recover an office chair, what are the important features of the average modern office chair that need to be looked at?

Modern Office Chair Repair: The Features That Matter

  • The Armrests. Often a personal choice whether to use them or not, from a health perspective they are extremely important in that they help to take the strain off the shoulders and upper arms, avoiding tension in the neck and the cervical section of the vertebrae. Using ergonomic (adjustable) furniture offers the user a vast level of customisation, as they will be able to choose their ideal height. Making lateral adjustments to the armrests also ensures that the lower arms, hands and fingers remain mobile and that the tendons are free of strain.
  • The Backrest. Intended to provide the best possible support to the user’s back, no matter the position, the backrest has a great bearing on the comfort levels experienced. Like the armrests, the backrest should be adjustable so that it provides counter-pressure in order to follow the movement of the body and neither offers too much pressure nor easily tips backwards.
  • The Seat. Automatically shaped with the aim of encouraging the user to make full use of the area, a well-defined seat is the only way to make sure there is contact between the back and the backrest. In order to achieve the ideal shape, the seat must be rounded and flattened (which prevents a restricted flow of blood to the lower legs). Pitched downwards slightly towards the front, to encourage circulation and an upright posture, as well as have a depth adjustment that means that the chair can be customised to suit individual thigh lengths (keeping pressure away from the backs of knees). The quality of the seating material (more specifically, the foam) is important so that an elastic recovery is kept over a longer period – the seat has to support around 70% of a person’s body weight, so ensuring a working ability is vital.
  • The Neck Support. A useful accessory in providing healthy ergonomics, the neck support part of the chair functions as an extension of the backrest, providing comfort for the cervical column of the back and relieving any strain that may have otherwise been placed on the shoulder and neck muscles.
  • The Mechanism. The ‘synchro mechanism’ is a device in ergonomic office chairs that allow and encourage dynamic sitting. It gives the seat and the backrest the opportunity to move along with the body, ensuring that the back is constantly touching the backrest. If the user is constantly moving backwards and forwards on their chair, this indicates that the synchro mechanism is in poor working order and needs looking at. Without synchronisation, the user will likely experience uncomfortable sitting and muscle pain.
  • The Upholstery and Fabrics. Not only are they attractive to look at but the upholstery and fabric cover should be able to work alongside the ergonomic aspects of the chair to provide the ultimate comfort to the user. Their qualities are simple to decipher – especially on a hot summer’s day when worn down/poor quality materials stick to a person’s clothing or skin (never a nice experience!) To achieve maximum sitting comfort, the upholstery and fabric must allow for an exchange of moisture and body heat; the seating should be made with open-foam properties, as well as avoiding the use of adhesives for the covering fabric, which are liable to prevent heat from being ventilated. It is relatively straightforward to recover an office chair with new upholstery and fabric covers – and if a business is able to do so, each item will serve them loyally for many years to come.
  • The Function Lever. In order to set the right ergonomic levels, an employee will need to adjust a lever, knob or switch to do so. It should be possible to operate the functions from a sitting position, so the user can better get a handle (pun intended) on their ideal position. If that lever has in some way broken down or is difficult to operate, it should be looked at.

So that’s our guide to what functions to look out for with office seating. If you’re searching for a recover office chair service – whether you need to fix any of these functions, or simply to give your seating a complete new lease of life – the team here at Waldron will be happy to help.

Waldron Furniture – A Professional Seating Refurbishment Service In South East England

As part of our industry-leading service, we offer a FREE, no obligation quotation that takes into account the number of items you wish to have repaired or restored, the works that need to be carried out before offering you a price. This will give you an opportunity to weigh up your options and make a natural decision before committing any of your resources. If agreed, we are able to collect and return your items to you – as well as provide loan chairs FREE of charge to minimise any disruption.

Please feel free to take a look around our website for further information on the many seating repair services we offer. If you would like to speak with us directly, then you can call us on 0118 9455 500 or e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As the arena in which pupils learn, any classroom with ambitions of developing young people will need to be well facilitated. A great facility is somewhere that can give them an opportunity to feel engaged with what they’re learning, that they’re able to express their ideas, and most of all – they feel comfortable whilst doing so.

This is precisely why the quality of the furniture is a key element of the school experience. Sadly, with many schools having to carefully manage their budgets, sometimes it isn’t always possible to keep up a constant level of high quality.

School chair repair can help though – instead of throwing away items, any educational establishment can have their existing furniture re-imagined and returned to them as good as new, continuing to provide comfort to pupils and staff alike and creating an engaging environment that will benefit all.

How School Chair Repair Can Make The Classroom More Engaging

For younger children, it’s almost inevitable that furniture will get damaged – whether it’s through rips, tears, pens or any other physical damage. Just the sheer number of pupils who will use the chairs over the years will see items regularly break down and need to be replaced – but it isn’t just the costs that school chair repair can help with...

All children are naturally full of energy and inquisitiveness – by harnessing it towards their learning and development, engagement with the lesson in hand will doubtless follow. Whilst the skills of the teachers are responsible for the vast majority of this, the facilities on offer provide a conduit for the teacher to communicate through, allowing the pupils to engage with what they’re teaching. Think about it – pupils have to sit on a chair, listening, talking, reading and writing for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week for 11 years – so the comfort provided by the classroom’s facilities has to have a major impact on their ongoing development.

Uncomfortable and/or broken down furniture will likely sap much of that energy away, leading to distractions, boredom – even possible physical injury. If pupils aren’t given an opportunity to settle into their environment, that inquisitive nature will instead be channelled away from the teacher and the lessons they are trying to teach.

The Benefits of Improving School Furniture For Staff & Visitors

Like any job role, employees will feel empowered if they are given all the tools they need to better portray their talents with. We’re not just talking about smartboards, books or any other additional teaching materials here – but the classroom as a whole is the teacher’s tool, which includes the furniture their pupils have to sit at to listen to them. If a teacher has an interested class, they’ll be able to get their message across. If they can get their message across, they’ll see development in the people they teach – for many, that is the fundamental reason they got into teaching in the first place.

Despite being a rewarding profession, it’s fair to say that teaching can potentially provide stresses and strains too. The staff room provides an environment away from the classroom that allows teachers to relax or refocus, seek advice from fellow teachers or to undertake informal meetings. Like the furniture in the classroom, the chairs in the staff room will need to be of a high quality to provide that extra comfort.

Then of course, there are parents and any other visitors that will need to be impressed. If the school can set that great impression with look and feel of the furniture, then it will help to cultivate a positive reputation, which can only help as the school strives to develop success for itself.

Choose Waldron For Expert School Chair Repair

If you’re searching for school chair repair, the experienced team here at Waldron are on hand to help. Throughout the last 30 years, we have assisted a wide range of educational establishments in repairing, restoring or reimaging their existing seating, saving them much in the way of cost in the process.

Please feel free to browse around our website to learn more about the many furniture refurbishment services we have on offer. If you have any questions and would like to get in touch with us directly, you can do so by calling 0118 945 5500. Alternatively, you can e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 There’s no doubting that running an educational establishment can be a rewarding experience – the prospect of providing pupils with the educational tools to grow and develop as people under your guidance is often one of the main joys of teaching.

A big factor in getting across your teachings, will be the atmosphere offered by the classroom. The quality of furniture plays a huge role in providing pupils and staff alike with a comfortable environment to work in – so this summer, with school being out, why not consider improving your furniture infrastructure with school chair repair?

The Need For School Chair Repair

Just like the workplace the pupils will find themselves in, in years to come, the classroom will need to provide inspiration and comfort to get the best out of their abilities. Sitting at the same desks for hours on end, it can be difficult for anyone to remain engaged if they feel they’re existing in a dull, uncomfortable place.

It can also be difficult to keep school furniture in great condition at the best of times – food, drink, chewing gum, pen markings and an inquisitive nature commonly leads to stains, rips, tears and holes in seating. Not only will this reduce the comfort level of the chairs but it may also provide a negative image to staff, pupils and parents alike.

Improving the existing furniture won’t just improve the functionalities and the look of chairs but it may also save much on costs too – if you think about how expensive purchasing an entire new set of chairs may be, school chair repairoffers the best of both worlds; well-conditioned furniture, for an affordable price.

Staff Room Chair Repair

It isn’t just ‘training for work’ that a classroom provides – it actually is a workplace for the teachers that use it. Like all talented people, they expect to be given good facilities from which to work with. Whilst it may seem to play a small part, the comfort aspect of a classroom still has an impact on how teachers may feel about their job.

It isn’t just the classroom we’re talking about here, of course – a facility that provides an environment away from the stressful arena of work will help staff to unwind or to refocus, providing them with the means to return to the classroom ready to continue to bestow their knowledge on the future generation. So no, you could actually say school chair repair may play a BIG role in how talented staff feel about their working environment – something you should consider whilst school is out for summer.

Improve Your School Seating, With Waldron

If you’re thinking about improving the condition of your school’s furniture this summer, the team here at Waldron Furniture are on hand to help. For the last 30 years, we have been helping all manner of educational establishments to rejuvenate or to reimagine their existing furniture, saving them much in costs in the process.

Why not browse our website for more information on our services, or get in touch with us directly to learn more about our school chair repair service? You can even attain a FREE, no obligation quote by giving us a call on 0118 945 5500. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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"....... we are having a Channel 4 documentary made on Premier and we needed to be spruced up Waldron's came up trump! We needed our three piece sofas and chairs recovered within a week! We now have the most beautiful suit recoved looking brand new and we are delighted with the results. Waldron's always do a superb quality job on all our refurbishments and never let us down."
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"............before "finding" Waldron, I had received some very negative responses from several other upholstery firms.......... ..........from the time Waldron was recommended to me I received helpful, sympathetic and effective advice, from my initial enquiry, with no "pushy" sales pressure at any time.......... Given the complex work involved, and choice of strong material, and the high quality of personal service I thought your charges were extremely reasonable. Certainly infinitely cheaper than having to completely replace an essential chair. I was delighted with the work done. The upholstery looks to have been done to a very high standard, on what as I have mentioned was quite a challenging chair to work on. The fabric looks superb, and in fact the chair looks better than it did before I am so pleased that I have found Waldrons and will not hesitate to recommend your Company to anyone i have contact with who might be seeking a similar service."
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The chairs are fantastic Thanks so much. The 2 chairs you reupholstered look fantastic. I thought they were two new ones they look so good. In fact our receptionist liked them so much she’s grabbed one immediately and swapped it.
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We saved over £500,000 refurbishing our office chairs with Waldron’s rather than purchasing new.......
Just a quick line to ask you to pass on our compliments to those involved in the recent recovering of chairs, and re-webbing, new cushions, etc. The service throughout was excellent – including the collection and delivery – and there have been lots of positive, admiring comments from staff, pupils and parents. If you have potential customers requesting testimonials, please don’t hesitate to ask them to contact me. With many thanks,
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We have been very impressed with your service. Both the quality of the workmanship and your coutesy has made it a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you for a beautifully refurbished chair Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851 ......... I am writing to confirm just how pleased we have been with the work you have done for us recently. The recovered chairs, apart from now being exactly the colour we wanted, look as good as new and have made the surgery look the way we want it to look. Many, many thanks - we will be recommending you whenever the opportunity arises.
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