Commercial Seating Repair

A chair repair service for all types of chair.

Office Chair Repairs

Pile of designer chair replacement seat pans
Designer seat pans
Replacement arm pads for office chairs
Replacement arm pads
Diagram of an office chair gas lift
Centre gases
Icon showing office chair mechanism
Pile of replacement office chair castors
New 5-star base
5-Star Bases

Just like any item with moving parts, chair components can work loose or fail with age and use.

Arm brackets and mechanisms work loose over time making the chair wobbly. Broken five leg base or broken castors can make the chair unstable.  Arm pads may be worn or damaged making them unsightly or posing a safety risk. Gas pistons can loose pressure making it difficult to control the seat height, sometimes making sitting down a painful, jarring, experience.

In most cases a simple repair or component replacement will usually cure the problem and ensures the chair is functional and fit for purpose again. All at a fraction of the cost of buying a new replacement chair and environmen tally saving up to 90% of the CO2e.

Waldron's office chair repair and component replacement service can restore your seating, giving it many more years of useful active service. We hold stocks of many popular generic new parts including:

  • Centre and back gases
  • Arm brackets and arm pads
  • Seat slides
  • A variety of mechanisms contolling seat and back adjustments
  • Back stems
  • Castors and 5-star bases
  • Plastic backs
  • Seat boards

In addition to holding stocks of generic parts, Waldron also hold stocks of popular new original manufacturers components.

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Designer Office Chair components

Designer seating is built to last, to look good for longer and reflect the aesthtics of your organisation's image. Once a chair is damaged this image can be easily tarnished, and purchasing a new replacement can be expensive.

Replacing the damaged part with a new component can be a very cost effective alternative to buying a new replacement chair. Refurbishment is sustainable, enable an initially high cost of purchase to be spread over many more years.  Not only does it make great financial sense but is also incredibly environmentally friendly

We hold stocks, and have priviledged access to, many popular manufacturer's original new components from manufacturers including, Albion, Boss, Eames, Flokk, Giroflex, HAG, Herman Miller, Humanscale, Interstuhl, Kab, Knoll, Orangebox, Pledge, Race, RH, Senator, Steelcase, Supporto, Techo, Verco and Vitra and many more.