Giroflex G64 OrangeBox G64 pays to renovate

Orangebox G64 and Giroflex G64 Repairs

refurb G64 Grey chair 2
New back

New moulded back foam and recover

New seat

New moulded seat foam and recover

Seat shell

New hard seat shell 

Arm brackets

New arm brackets


New arm pads

Gas piston

Seat height gas piston



The Orangebox G64 or Giroflex G64 are classic style chairs with over 1.3 million sold in the UK. Their robust and comfortable design have made them an extremely popular chair in corporate offices around the UK.

The G64 is built to last, but like any chair, the foam and fabric get worn, torn or damaged or just plain dirty with use. Arms get damaged, gas pistons fail or castors go missing.

Waldron uses genuine, new manufacturers components, or if the original parts are no longer available quality generic components.

Replacing worn components can significantly extend the useful working life of the Giroflex G64 or Orangebox G64, protecting the original investment and reducing the overall cost of ownership.


Do I have an Orangebox G64 or a Giroflex G64 and does it matter?

The Giroflex G64 was originally designed by Giroflex but it has been made under licence by a number of manufacturers such as Orangebox in the UK. Your G64 might be badged as a Giroflex or an Orangebox model but the styling will be the same.

As individual components have been tweaked over the years, the original warranty label under the seat is helpful when identifying the year of manufacture making it easier to identify suitable available components.

Cost effective repairs that make great financial sense

Waldron's refurbishment service offers customers a cost effective way to make the best of their initial investment.

Giroflex G64 and Orangebox G64 chairs waiting for refurbishment
G64 chairs awaiting recover

We hold stocks, and have priviledged access to, many popular manufacturer's original new components from manufacturers including, Albion, Boss, Eames, Flokk, Giroflex, HAG, Herman Miller, Humanscale, Interstuhl, Kab, Knoll, Orangebox, Pledge, Race, RH, Senator, Steelcase, Supporto, Techo, Verco and Vitra and many more.

What else do we do?

As well as replacing components we recover and clean seating to restore it and return it to use.

How Do We Do It?

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