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Traditionally upholstered seating is made by hand, by crafts-people using materials, techniques and skills passed down over generations. Each one is different, with a patina and character all of its own. In many organisations traditionally upholstered seating has pride of place, often subconsciously recognising something special, but not necessarily knowing why.

Refurbishing traditionally upholstered chairs is like peeling an onion, layer by layer, to discover its original beginnings.  Sometimes, like an onion, it can leave you in tears as you never know what removing the next layer might reveal. Traditional upholstery is time consuming and requires skill, patience and time.

At Waldron our skilled upholsterers

  • Rebuild damaged upholstery with felts, horsehair, hogshair, coconut fibre and hessian;
  • Repair damaged framework
  • Re-web and re-tie coil springs
  • Supply and fit new coil, sepentine springs or hessian webbing ;
  • Deep button soft furnishings;
  • Leatherwork;
  • Brass stud or piped finish are some examples of the traditional seating we have lovingly reupholstered...

Traditional Upholstery by Waldron's Skilled Upholsterers

The story of a traditionally upholstered chair.....

This traditionally upholstered chair arrived in our workshops tired and distressed. We stripped off the existing fabric and assessed the condition of the structure below.

The fabric and padding had been ripped and pulled. The seat was sagging where the springs had become untied and the hessian holding them in place had disintegrated.

Having gone back to basics by repairing the springs and webbing. The padding was redistributed and bulked out to give good shape to the chair for recovering. It was recovered in the customer's chosen fabric to an antiqued brass stud finish.

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