In order to help their employees to feel equipped and inspired in their work, as well as to impress any visitors they may receive, a forward-thinking business will invest in new office interiors. Dependent upon the existing set-up though, it could be the case that little, or only a few superficial changes may be all that’s needed – an office chair repair service, for example, can help to refresh existing seating, providing that comfortable feel and a stunning look that will inspire employees and impress visitors alike.

Here, we’re going to cover 5 key areas of the design of a workplace, summing up how comfort should be at the heart of its operations.

The Key Areas Of The Workplace – And The Role Of An Office Chair Repair Service

If you think about how long an employee spends sat down in an office – an average of 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year – then the comfort of the seating must be seen as vital to how they’re able to work. Poor, unsuitable or broken down seating will not only prove discouraging but can also cause physical injury too.

Don’t go throwing away all of the offending items though – with an office chair repair service, a business can potentially rescue these ‘broken down’ seats and give them a new lease of life; saving themselves much in the way of costs in the process.

Here are some of the key areas of the office in which the quality of the seating is vital:

  1. The Reception Area. As the first-point-of-contact that any visitor will have with a business, the need to make the reception area comfortable and attractive should be of the utmost importance. That first impression immediately forms a person’s opinion on something and often, that impression is difficult to forget – this is why so many firms place their best furniture items in their reception.
  2. Meeting Rooms. Whether you’re hosting clients or if the business needs an efficient space for employees to discuss projects in, a meeting room provides the ideal facility. With much time spent in meetings rooms and often involving intense conversation, the need for executive-type chairs that provide great comfort is an obvious must.
  3. Casual Work Spaces. With an upturn in flexible working, the set-up of offices are changing rapidly. Whilst previously, workers would be based in the same room, all day and all week (very monotonous) – new tech allows them to break up this existence and to choose the environment in which they work. Oftentimes, we may feel like we need the quiet (with comfortable executive seating), other times, we may need the chatter of a collaborative room (with benches that gets everyone around the same table) to provide us with inspiration. A flexible office design with appropriate seating can help to create such environments – and helping employees to choose how they work is more likely to see an upturn in productivity.
  4. Break Rooms. One of the growing areas of office design has been the introduction of specialist rooms that allow their employees to take their breaks in. With the ‘working arena’ often being stressful, it’s been noted that providing an area away from this, one that offers a safe and comfortable experience will help employees to recharge and to recollect their thoughts. An office chair repair service can work with the business to understand what is needed and how it can be achieved.
  5. Kitchen Areas. Working in a similar way to a break room, in addition, a kitchen area can allow people to prepare meals, eat, rest up and of course, to get around the same tables as their fellows to have conversations, increasing their collaboration and paving the way for a great repartee – ideal for when teamwork is required back in the work arena!

Improve Your Office Seating, With Waldron

If you’re thinking about improving the design of your office, or are just making a few small changes, why not also consider improving the comfort and functionalities of your existing furniture?

No matter the styles or colours you’re thinking about improving the interiors with, your current furniture set-up can be reupholstered to match your requirements – why throw away perfectly good furniture that can simply be repurposed?

Here at Waldron Furniture, we are a vastly experienced office chair repair service who has been helping all manner of business operations to improve the effectiveness of their work environment – why not browse our website for more on how we’re able to help?

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