The run-up to Christmas is naturally a busy time for schools – the end of another term, of course, but there’s also the added seasonal activities to contend with; with parties, shows and nativity plays being a fixture of the season, most schools will be playing host to a large number of visitors over the coming weeks.

An upturn in visitors acts as a reminder that the school must give off a great impression – as well as comfort. So whilst pupils are away for Christmas, why not consider school chair repair to provide your educational facility with comfortable and functional seating for the future?

The Importance Of School Chair Repair

Away from the obvious need to provide a positive impression on visitors, the comfort and functionalities of the everyday school chair are important to allow pupils (and staff) to feel engaged with their environments and to be able to get on with their work without feeling distracted.

For pupils, a school is a place of learning; an arena in which they can develop and grow their abilities. Distractions are easy enough to come by in school – but they do not need to be accentuated by poor quality furniture that offers an uncomfortable experience. Not only could better chairs help a pupil feel comfortable and content with their surroundings, but it will allow them to concentrate on their work; engaging them, providing them with inspiration and interest.

For staff, the school is a workplace – and like any workplace, great facilities will more often than not, produce great work. The engagement aspect of a classroom’s comfort is vital for staff – an engaged class of pupils will help them to get across their teachings better. Everyone approaches their work with the intentions of making a great impact – and with teaching, especially, having such an influence on the development of people, seeing their positive contribution to their pupils’ lives will help staff to feel empowered and happy with their work.

But whether it’s through sheer age or regular wear-and-tear, school seating frequently needs to be taken out and replaced – often at cost. This is what makes school chair repair so advantageous – such a service can repair, reupholster or even reimagine the design of a particular chair, providing it with a new lease of life.  The savings it can make may be huge – savings that would be far better repurposed back into school funds to provide other, crucial services that may help pupils on a better path to achieving academic excellence.

So, if you run your own educational facility, why not consider gifting it the benefits of better quality seating this Christmas?

Improve Your School Seating This Christmas, With Waldron

If you’ve been searching for a school chair repair service, then welcome to Waldron Furniture – the South East’s premier furniture restorers. Throughout the last three decades, we have been helping all types of educational establishments to reimagine, rejuvenate and to repair their existing furniture, saving them much in the way of cost and helping their pupils, staff and visitors to gain an instant positive impression – driving everyone on to achieve great work.

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