In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the importance of the health and wellbeing of people in the workplace. In order to get the best out of their employees, more-and-more companies have been designing their workplaces to conform to their employee’s needs, rather than the employees having to change how they work to suit the limitations of the workplace.

A massive factor in employee-led office design is comfort. This is where office chair refurbishment can help to improve the comfort and functionalities experienced by people in the workplace.

How Can Office Chair Refurbishment Help To Improve Health And Wellness?

Present in the same environment for 7+ hours a day, 5 days a week for the majority of the year, it could be the case that we spend more time at work than doing anything else. So is it really a surprise that the environment we experience has a major effect on our health and wellbeing?

As furniture will be in constant use, their condition will likely deteriorate over time, eventually breaking items down or at the very least, making them uncomfortable. Not only will this prove distracting for those who use them, but poorly functioning furniture may also cause back and neck injuries – leading to employee dissatisfaction, low productivity and absenteeism. This is why forward-thinking businesses constantly check on the condition and functionalities of their furniture, replacing items that have broken down.

The issue for many small businesses especially will be the monetary cost in replacing their furniture. Introducing an entirely new seating set up may prove too costly to green light – so what do you do? Risk the cost or risk employee wellbeing?

There is a third approach – the great thing about office chair refurbishment is that it can help to bring old and well-loved items back to life, for a fraction of the cost of buying new ones. Too many businesses throw away items that can actually be recovered. Aside from the cost aspect, it’s also worth thinking about the experience of the employee – it is likely they would have grown used to the functions of their existing furniture, so why replace an item that (aside from wear and tear) is perfectly re-unusable?

So if you’re looking to improve the health and wellbeing aspect of your workplace, why not start with improving your office chairs?

Choose Waldron For High-Quality Office Furniture Repair

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