Upholstery Cleaning

Fabric still in good condition? Why not have your seating deep cleaned?

Upholstery Cleaning

Why deep clean your upholstered chairs?

Sometimes, where the fabic is in good condition, all your seating needs is a thorough deep clean to return it to optimum condition. For these occasions we offer a professional deep cleaning service. We clean small batches on our premises and offer an onsite cleaning package in some areas for bulk chair cleaning.

Our upholstery cleaning regime is kind to chairs and the environment!

We use industrial quality cleaning equipment and naturally sourced cleaning products to clean gently with no harsh chemicals.

Specific stains are spot treated to remove them before being deep cleaned to wash away dirt and debris, bacteria, germs and the dust which can cause allergies.

Our customers have often expressed their surprised at the excellent results achieved, particularly where the chairs have grease, staining and heavy usage.




Stained chair before upholstery cleaning

Office chair, dirty from constant use


Deep cleaning using specialist natural cleaning agents.

After the upholstery cleaning

Cleaned and ready for use once more.

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