Woodwork: Repair & Renovation

Woodwork Repairs - Bring your wooden furniture back to life. 

Wooden seating and desking used in modern working environments requires regular maintenance and repair to keep them in tip top condition.

Most traditionally constructed items were only designed for domestic use. In modern work environments with ventilation and central heating systems the wood dries out and the joints become loose. With the extra pressure on the loose dowels and tenons the wooden frame can break or split sometimes leaving only the fabric holding a chair together.

Woodwork repairs

Leather inlays on tables and desks become damaged or stained and over time may become unstuck. On polished wooden surfaces hot items, electrical equipment or heavy items can damage the surface.

Waldron will assess your items and discuss the level of repair possible.  We are happy to provide advice and guidance where we can to enble you to make an informed decision on the viability of the work.

Repair and maintain your wooden furniture

Wooden table with watermark

Tables can suffer from waterstains where plants have spilled and soaked through the the polish into the veneer. A strip and polish may be all that is needed to restore it's lustre.

leather skiver no longer attached to a table

Many traditional work desks and ceremonial tables have leather skivers which lift or get damaged over time. These can be replaced with or without gold tooling to restore its grandure.


The strain on a wooden chair leg can sometimes become too much causing it to break. Waldron can repair most breaks to return your chair to use - particularly important if it is part of a set.


Sometimes chair legs and arms get broken and parts are lost. rendering the chair unusable.

Where there are parts that can be copied, new parts can often be reconstructed from scratch. The viability of doing this will need to be reviewed against the value of the item.

Split chair strut

In modern centrally heated buildings wood can dry out and become brittle and more susceptible to breaks. These can often be repaired and returned to full use or light use or display purposes to complete a set.


Splits in wooden frames where tenons or dowels have broken can be mended and disguised to return the item to use.

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